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The Four

The Four is a modern way of presenting the good news about Jesus Christ to Australians. Three different presenters share four simple points about what it means to be a Christian - aimed at a Western audience, Eastern audience, and gamers.


The free webapp couples with our wristbands, which can be ordered here.


Wearing a wristband makes it really easy to have conversations with friends and family about Jesus.


Training in using The Four can be found here

The Four Instagram


The Four YouTube


The Four Discord

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Digital Discipleship Pathway

We are building an online discipleship pathway, through which people can hear about Jesus, become a believer, and grow in their faith. Then we can connect them with local churches through our Church Movements strategy.

The "Knowing Him" App

"Knowing Him" is a 50 part chronological study of the life of Jesus in the gospels, focussing on how he built a movement of multiplying disciples.


Power to Change's Church Movements ministry uses it to train pastors in how to grow faith communities in Australia and overseas. But you don't have to be a church leader to do the study, or benefit! Why not try it in your own times with the Lord?

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